Today, it is a known fact that internet usage on mobile devices has surpassed that on computers. This user behaviour has urged the website owners to focus on designing sites that are mobile-friendly.

As a webmaster, if you ignore offering your mobile visitors good user experience, they are most likely to abandon your site and with that, you would be driving away a huge percentage of your prospective traffic. Any good website designing company India can help you design a mobile-friendly website. 

Discussed below are a few ways in which you can ensure that your website works as well on mobile devices as it does on computers.

Make Use of Media Queries and Design a Responsive Website

The key to designing a responsive website is to make use of media queries. If your website is already responsive, you don’t need to bother about this unless you begin designing your own custom pages. Media queries are a trending method to design a customized style sheet for different devices.

This allows to find out the size of a device before directing the browser to display content following the CSS that you’ve set. If you are not sure what media queries are, you can approach a good website designing company in delhi like Techmagnate

Design a Simple Menu

Mobile screens are considerably smaller than desktop or laptop screens. Remember this while designing the menu options. Your desktop website version’s menu can have plenty of options and be extensive, but this can seem complicated when used on a small screen.

Users will find it tiresome to zoom in or out and scroll each time to check all the navigation options. So, everything has to fit on a single screen and be concise. 

Avoid Using Flash

Flash is not a favourable option to use as it can slow down the loading time of a page. Moreover, there are several devices and browsers where it doesn’t even work. Neither iOS nor Android supports flash. Thus, if you design a website that depends on Flash animation experience, your mobile visitors would feel left out.

So, it’s better that you don’t use this technology on your website. Instead, find a strong website design that can work without Flash. An experienced web design company in Chennai, Delhi etc can help you out with the best alternative. 

Use Simple Designs

The major difference between your desktop site visitors and mobile site visitors is their preference for simple website designs. Things that are complicated and large will undoubtedly turn slow on mobile devices. One of the key demands of mobile users is instant content delivery. With simple designs, you can ensure this aspect and retain their focus on the content that you want them to view. 

Display CTAs Clearly

Conversions are the main aim of any website. To ensure effective mobile website design, you need to place call-to-action buttons in an evident manner such that the user can spot it in just a few seconds. Since the screen sizes are relatively smaller in mobile devices, don’t overwhelm the visitors by trying to squeeze in several CTA buttons on the screen. Assess the goal of every landing page.

Do you want to get more downloads, new subscribers, get your site visitors to purchase something or enhance your social media presence? Your CTA has to focus on your main goal. Focusing on CTA buttons will provide you with an edge over your rivals.

Compress CSS and Images

When we talk of website loading time, you would always want your site to load fast. This speed is even more crucial when it comes to mobile devices. To make your site mobile-friendly, compress anything that consumes plenty of space and slows down the loading time. This includes everything from CSS to high-resolution images. Compressing them makes sure that they load quickly without any negative effect on the quality of what users view on the website.  

If you fail to optimize your site for mobile visitors, you are far behind the curve and missing out on a lot of traffic. Follow the above-mentioned ways to build a mobile-friendly website to maximize conversions and traffic to your website. If you are not confident, you can always rely on professionals by hiring a competent website designing company India such as Techmagnate.


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