Title IX accusations – how serious they are?

Title IX accusations – how serious they are?

What if you hear something about sexual harassment or abuse?  What would be your first reaction? Or if you learn that your child is denied an opportunity due to sex-based discrimination in their school? Doesn’t the thought in itself, boils you up? Title IX deals with such issues and prohibits educational institutes from discriminating based on sex and protects students, from sexual harassment or abuse. Let us learn more about a few parameters that will help you understand why and how Title IX accusations, are considered a serious matter: 

Jeopardize career 

Title IX violation means that you have sexually discriminated against a student or harassed them. Thus, when you are accused of Title IX violation, you may be dismissed from the educational institution and it might jeopardize your career. Even if you are employed, there will be a career gap which will result in slow growth in your professional life.

Criminal charges 

In case of sexual harassment or abuse, a Title IX violation can result in criminal charges. If it is established that you were guilty of the charges that the complainant has accused you of then you might go through a criminal trial and be tried as per criminal laws.

Heavy penalty

In some cases, the Title IX lawsuit might conclude with the offender paying a huge penalty to the complainant. And because Title IX violations are considered serious by both the government and the educational institutions, you might go through financial trouble. 

Serving jail term

In serious cases, when there are criminal charges against you, and the accusations have been proved right, the judge will give you a jail term to serve. However, it is mostly possible when you have sexually harassed or abused someone. In such cases, the Title IX violation is considered a heinous crime.

Be it any accusation if it involves going through legal proceedings it is considered serious. Whether you are accused of theft, money laundering, cheating, or Title IX violations, you will have to go through the legal process, hire an attorney and appear in court. And the involvement of the judiciary automatically becomes an important affair and that to a nerve-wracking one. If your family, friends, and loved ones are accused of any violations, you will feel the pressure of getting through the situation ASAP. Thus, when it comes to Title IX accusations, can ruin your reputation as well as jeopardize everything you have built, so you must take it seriously.


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